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Fannie Mae Pushing Home Ownership—But Is That Right?

Some argue that a constant political obsession with the “ownership society” is what pushed this nation into the current housing disaster. Going back decades, presidents have pushed it and Congress, in turn, has helped open the financial doors to it.

Mortgage Defaults Drive Consumer Spending: Experts Weigh In

I opened up a big can of debate Monday, when I repeated some chatter around that consumer spending might be juiced by all those folks not paying their mortgages. They have a little extra cash, so they’re spending it at the mall.

Big Banks: Principal Forgiveness Will Cost You

Clearly the swords are drawn. Executives from the big banks told the House Financial Services Committee today that mortgage principal forgiveness as a policy is the wrong way to go.

Mortgage Defaults May Be Driving Consumer Spending

Hate to be an “I told you so…” Lender Processing Services just put out its “Mortgage Monitor Report,” and we have a new record: The nation’s foreclosure inventories reached record highs.

Distressed Sales Rule Today’s Housing Market

Two new reports out today show that bank-owned properties are growing and becoming a greater share of total home sales.

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