Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Home Price Disconnect: Am I a Buyer or Seller?

Fact: Home prices lag home sales. It happens on the way up and on the way down. Today’s S&P Case Shiller home price report just confirmed what we’ve seen from umpteen other reports in the past few months, that home prices are taking a double dip. We kn…

Will Rising Rents Spur Home Ownership?

A positive in the commercial real estate sector may be a sign of better things to come in residential housing down the road, or that’s the theory. “As rents rise and the cost of home ownership declines, owning is becoming more attractive,” notes Califo…

Is the Mortgage Market Too Tight? Or Just Right?

The message from the National Association of Realtors today, or at least from its chief economist as he released lackluster sales results for October, is that the mortgage market is now largely to blame for the lack of real recovery in housing.

Furnished Rental Benefits

Furnished Rentals and Temporary Corporate Housing Over the past two years there has been a large increase of temporary relocation of employees due to corporate downsizing as well as the sweeping corporate plan to “cross train” all employees. To be away on an unfamiliar place on a business trip is not so easy as it […]

Mortgage Rate Anxiety

Borrowers are more sensitive now to mortgage rates than ever before in my memory, even as rates continue to hover near record lows

Builders Vs. Banks

As new home construction continues to falter and bank repossessions continue to rise, an interesting flip is taking place in the housing market which pits builders against banks.

Mortgage Rate Spike: How High Will They Go?

Higher yields on 10-year treasury bonds are wreaking havoc on mortgage rates, but will they so the same to housing’s recovery?

FHA Auditors Predict Further Home Price Declines

The bad loans of the housing boom are still bad, but the new loans from today’s tighter mortgage market are so much better that they’re offsetting the trouble. That’s the message from the Federal Housing Administration in its annual report to Congress.

Is It Time to End the Mortgage Tax Deduction?

It was floating around as a less-than-politically-enticing possibility for a while, and then the president’s deficit commission gave it legs. They proposed taking a hack saw to the mortgage interest deduction, and slimming it down to size.

Odd Foreclosure Phenomenon May Be Telling of Bank Tactics

Foreclosure filings were reported on 332,172 properties in October, according to RealtyTrac. That’s a 4 percent drop from the previous month and unchanged from October of 2009. While notices of default, the initial stage of the process, fell about 2 pe…

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