Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Ketterlinus Teamwork

This past Friday – October 1st, 2010, the sixth annual Timberlin Creek Carnival was held and was a great success.  The goal of this festival was to provide needed items for the newly established in house clinic at Ketterlinus Elementary School.  The school is located on 67 Orange Street in St. Augustine, Florida. The day […]

Two for One House Deal

At the beginning of the housing crash, sellers would advertise, “Buy our house, get the flat screen TV’s!” Then, as the market deteriorated further, they touted, “Buy our house, and we’ll throw in the car!” Now it’s “Buy our house, get a second house t…

Jumbo Loans and the Move-Up Market

Big lenders like Chase, Wells Fargo and PHH have increased their jumbo volumes by a lot in just the first six months of this year.

Three F’s in Housing Spell Trouble

The combined Real Estate Owned inventory of the three rose 24 percent quarter to quarter and 93 percent year over year.

Foreclosure Moratoria Hit Home Sales

The Pending Homes Sales Index fell 1.8 percent in September…the first indicator of the foreclosure scandal’s impact on potential buyers.

Real Estate Investing And Flipping Houses

Real Estate Investing using the Flipping methodology is a time tested, proven financial strategy for hundreds of years.  Knowing the fundamentals is primary factor between financial success and financial disaster.  To simply real estate investing using “flipping” there is but one hard and necessary rule:  “Know your exit strategy”. A simple definition of a flipper […]

Housing Supply is Your Crystal Ball

A condo expert I was interviewing in Miami Beach told me that at the current sales pace there is an 18 year (yes, year) supply of condos on the market here. As I was trying to digest that, the Census released its quarterly home owner/vacancy report, an…

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