Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Why Care About Negative Equity?

Just because you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth doesn’t necessarily mean that you are no longer able to afford your mortgage. For many Americans who bought their homes during the housing boom, little has changed for them financially …

Principal Writedowns Happen, Just Not Through Government

A Wall Street Journal article Wednesday began, “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in talks with Obama administration officials to join fledgling government programs aimed at reducing loan balances of mortgages where borrowers owe more than their homes are…

Government, Fannie Mae Considering Help for Housing Investors

Multiple sources now tell me that the Administration is considering ways to get more investors into the housing market, possibly with the help of Fannie and Freddie. HUD would not confirm that, but Fannie Mae’s chief economist Doug Duncan said it is de…

Rising Mortgage Rates Block Refis

As the yield on the 10-year Treasury hits a six month high, you can almost hear all the doors slamming over in refi land. While you’d think most borrowers had already refinanced their loans to take advantage of the recent record-low interest rates, man…

Housing Recovery: Faith or Just a Good Deal?

The good news is that more Americans say they are willing to consider buying a foreclosed property; the bad news is that they’re expecting a bigger discount on that property than ever before.

Mortgage Rates Are All in Your Head

The housing crash, foreclosure crisis and banking scandals have all combined to make buyers more sensitive than ever before. That’s why the slightest fluctuation in mortgage interest rates have huge emotional power today.

Real Estate Investors Are Not the Enemy

“If you want to stabilize the housing market, you have to encourage investors,” says hedge fund manager Aaron Edelheit. “The quicker you can end the foreclosures and the short sales, the quicker you’re going to have a turnaround in the economy and the …

Rising Mortgage Rates May Deflate Home Sale Contracts

Not five minutes after reporting an unexpected 10 percent jump in the Realtors’ Pending Home Sales Index, I starting to hear rumblings of concern over whether many of those contracts signed in October would result in actual closings.

Deficit Commission’s Proposals Could Hit Commercial Real Estate

Just when you thought the commercial real estate market was finally on the upswing, new roadblocks to recovery may be lurking right around the corner. President Obama’s deficit commission recommended some steep cuts in Federal spending that could cut r…

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