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Jacksonville, Florida

Banks Fight Mortgage Principal Reduction

At the end of a day-long negotiation session over the foreclosure paperwork mess at the Department of Justice, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli came out for a brief chat with reporters. They essentially sa…

Big Banks Lose: Mortgage Risk Retention Doesn’t Expire

Yesterday morning I attended the FDIC’s background press briefing before the vote on proposed risk retention rules. While the rules covered a vast ground, I was of course most interested in those that focus on the “Qualified Residential Mortgage.” The …

Mortgage Applications Dip In March 2011

Are potential home buyers waiting for the “other shoe” to fall from the US Banks ?

How Low Will Home Prices Go?

Did I say double dip? Well I’m not the only one. Today’s home price report from S&P Case Shiller proves the point.

Mortgage Reform Storm is Brewing

Tomorrow morning the FDIC will release and vote on proposed risk retention rules for the mortgage market.

Mortgage Principal Reduction in Play

This week state attorneys general from Virginia, Texas, Florida and South Carolina sent a letter to their colleague in Iowa, Attorney General Tom Miller. He is leading the 50 state investigation into the so-called “robo-signing” foreclosure paperwork s…

Why Housing Is Going Through a Double Dip

The sales pace of newly built homes is now at the lowest on record. Sales dropped nearly 17 percent in February after a big drop in January. Put that on top of the nearly 10 percent February drop in existing home sales reported earlier this week and th…

Is Housing Really in Recovery?

You might think gas prices are a lame excuse for another dip in housing, but they’re not. In the Spring market, historically, families are looking to move out and up to a larger home. Those homes are usually further from the city center. Transportation…

Market Scoffs at Pitiful Home Sales

Call me crazy, but I thought a near 10 percent monthly drop in existing home sales might affect the markets today. If not the sales, then maybe the 5.2 percent annual price drop, or the rise in inventories to an 8.6 month supply. Nope. Apparently that’…

Spring Real Estate Lessons; Too Early for Conclusions

As our week-long Spring Realty Check draws to a close here in Chicago, I’m struggling to come up with a fundamental conclusion.

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