Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

New Evidence Mortgage Market is Choking Housing Recovery

An improving jobs picture may be improving demand for housing, but that demand is hamstrung by equally low confidence in home ownership and inability to obtain good financing.

Home Builders and Foreclosures: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Right now banks are pushing foreclosures to market faster than ever, perhaps due to improving paperwork procedures, and perhaps due to the fear of some kind of settlement/penalty coming down the pike from state attorneys general and federal regulators….

Will Home Price Warranty Restore Confidence?

There’s no question that consumer confidence, or lack thereof, is the greatest barrier in the way of a full-blown housing recovery. Credit, while tough to get, is historically cheap, home prices have fallen so far as to open the market to many more buy…

Housing and Government: ‘Troubling Dip’ or Double Dip?

Today the Obama administration released its monthly “scorecard” for the Making Home Affordable Program, a.k.a. the federal mortgage bailout. The Home Affordable Modification Program, which is part of MHA, continues to add trial modifications at about 2…

Entire State Puts Homes on ‘Clearance’ Sale

With the Spring season kicking off with a whimper, the Maine Association of Realtors is taking a cue from the builders and launching their own one-week “Clearance Event.” That’s right, at least $10,000 off of participating existing homes.

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