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Jacksonville, Florida

Home Ownership May Fall More Than Expected

Sometimes you hear one thing and don’t think much of it, and then you hear another thing that makes the first thing seem much more important. This morning the Mortgage Bankers Association put out a report from two UCLA researchers (MBA funded the repor…

Lower Mortgage Limits Are a ‘Trade-Off’ Bernanke Says

Anyone worried that the expiration of higher loan limits at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA will have a negative effect on the housing market by raising the cost of home ownership,  can be rest assured the chairman of the Federal Reserve is fine w…

Falling Home Equity Spurs Fear of Strategic Default

Yesterday a lot of folks, including myself, were slightly incensed at the announcement by mortgage insurer PMI that it is launching a pilot program offering cash bonuses to borrowers who stay current on their mortgage payments.

Should Everyone Get Bonus For Paying Mortgage On Time?

As home values continue to fall and more borrowers fall into a negative equity position on their home loans, those who stand to lose, banks and investors, are working to keep borrowers current.

US Household Shifts Could Impact Housing Recovery

Every now and then you need to take a step back and put the housing market into perspective, take a break from all the monthly motions and commotions, stress and distress.

Fannie Mae Offers Investors New Financing Option

Remember how we all blamed investor/flippers using faulty financing for the housing crash? You know, these are all the bad guys who ran up home prices to their own profit, with no concern for the inevitable fallout; they colluded with overzealous, bord…

Refinancing Drop an Ill Wind for Housing Recovery

Does anyone remember when the rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage was up around 8 percent? I do. Perhaps that’s why it continues to stun me that a tiny shift in our now ultra low rates can have a huge effect on consumer activity, namely refinancing.

Loan Limit: Will It or Won’t It Hurt Housing?

If we’re going to return to a “normal” housing market, we need move-up buyers. Yes, the distress is on the low end, but the mid range is stalled, and that’s not healthy.

Government Mortgage Bailout Numbers Still Weak

The US Treasury just released its latest “scorecard” on the state of the government’s housing bailout. The numbers are still weak, compared to the overall picture.

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