Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Another Federal Housing Bailout Won’t Happen

With home prices still falling, new mortgage delinquencies rising again, millions of mortgages already in the foreclosure pipeline, and consumer confidence in the housing market near nil, President Obama is expected to include some new housing fix in h…

No More National Home Prices

National housing recessions are pretty rare, and the one we’re in right now is arguably unprecedented, and consequently hard to track and predict.

A Curious Letter to a Current Mortgage Customer

A borrower in Michigan recently received a letter from his mortgage servicer, CitiMortgage. It offers to discuss foreclosure alternatives, including potential eligibility for the government’s mortgage bailout program. It is clear, succinct, and gives s…

The Housing Market is Shrinking

What today’s foreclosure headlines don’t say is that while the percentage of the market that’s distressed rose from a year ago, the actual number of distressed sales fell. The share only went up because the number of non-distressed sales fell, leaving …

Higher-End Housing Hits a Wall

Higher priced homes are taking a hit and the outlook for them is worse than the overall market. That will have ramifications for recovery.

Higher-End Housing Hits a Wall

Higher priced homes are taking a hit and the outlook for them is worse than the overall market. That will have ramifications for recovery.

Best Builder Bets for 2012

New homes aren’t selling, new delinquencies are rising, and inventories of existing homes are way too high…Some analysts out there think that some builders are well-positioned to profit going forward.

Investors, Rentals and Ultimate Housing Recovery

The last, best hope for housing right now is robust investor activity. Unfortunately, investors may be pulling back on the housing market, despite a surge in rental demand and prices.

Refi Surge…Not So Much

As mortgage rates hit new record lows, refinance applications have surged accordingly. That, as always, is leading economists to talk once again about what the effect of all that refinancing might be on the greater economy.

Home Sales Fall on Credit, Cancellations, Confidence

July’s existing home sales came in well below expectations. While analysts called for an increase, based on several months of rising pending home sales (contracts signed), they did not give enough weight to the three biggest issues plaguing the market,…

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