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Jacksonville, Florida

Wells Fargo Lowers Conforming Loan Limits

The deadline for ending temporarily higher loan limits at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA is October 1st, but they are effectively ended now. A Wells Fargo spokesman confirms, “August 15th was the deadline for applications and rate locks for FHA an…

Homebuilders Face New Hurdles

Builders are on track to construct the fewest single family homes in history this year. Total housing starts in July were down 1.7 percent, month to month, which may not sound like a lot, but when you break the number down, you see the problem.

Seen and Heard On Nantucket: A Lack of Confidence

Housing’s Double Dip Part II: Rising Foreclosures

Just as we saw a double dip in home prices, we may be seeing another surge in foreclosures.

Housing’s Next Leg Down

I realize everyone is glued to the stock ticker today, watching their personal net worth fall yet again; I know this because every time I wired up to do a live shot on CNBC today, my “hit” was “killed” at the last minute because the Dow dropped again. …

Plunging Mortgage Rates Won’t Juice Housing

The one positive in all the uncertainty surrounding the nation’s debt was a plunge in Treasury yields, which in turn sent mortgage rates to record lows. So are we housing geeks now jumping for joy? All good? Maybe not so much.

Changes Ahead for Mortgage Servicing

Robo-signing, lost paperwork and wrongful evictions have put mortgage servicers under the gun. To address the problem, lawmakers are considering a national standard for mortgage servicers.

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