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Private Investor Says Don’t Enter into Foreclosures Lightly

I thought I would share a response to yesterday’s blog on the Obama Administration considering selling Fannie and Freddie’s foreclosed properties in bulk to private investors. Rick Sharga used to work, and speak, for RealtyTrac, a well-known foreclosur…

Investors Raising Cash to Buy Government Foreclosures

New US Home Sales Improve, Prices Tank

Sales of newly built homes in September came in well over expectations, and stocks of the big builders took a little tick up on the news. They then dropped off pretty precipitously, as analysts weighed in on what is behind that nice headline number.

Obama Refi Plan is Not Housing Stimulus

“President Obama is taking action.” At least that’s what the blog on the WhiteHouse.gov says today in describing the president’s trip to Las Vegas. “We can’t wait to help homeowners,” it goes.

Buy a US Home, Get a Visa— But There’s a Catch

Home sales are bouncing along the bottom, home prices still haven’t hit bottom, and government proposals to juice the housing market are simply falling flat. The one bright spot in the hardest hit markets is foreign investment.

Rising Rates Threaten Refi Plans

One weekly report does not a trend make, but today’s mortgage application survey should serve up a good dose of reality to all of those state attorneys general and Obama administration officials touting a grand new refinance program for underwater borr…

Rockefeller And The Foreclosure Disaster We Are In

John D. Rockefeller is quoted as saying, “Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity, an obligation, Every possession, a duty.” A major possession when having attained the American Dream, is the single family home and over the past three years we have seen a massive number of foreclosures which certainly rocks the definition of “duty”. These foreclosures have had a serious ripple effect throughout our day to day lives and from reading the news reports related to law suits filed against banks for improper foreclosure proceedings and a host of other effects on families and the housing industry, it’s safe to predict that we have not seen the end of this mess nor the re-definitions of the word “duty”.

Refi’s in Big Bank Foreclosure Settlement: Not Worth It

Despite the furor, the threats, and the big bank blame game, there is still no settlement between the “robo-signers” and the fifty state attorneys general who promised payback for borrowers. Now, as talks are allegedly in their final phase, according t…

Home Builder Sentiment Posts Biggest Gain in Over Year

Despite sluggish summer sales, confidence among the nation’s home builders is gaining strength, posting its largest gain since April 2010, when the now-expired home buyer tax credit brought more buyers into the market.

A Foreclosure Snapshot from Chicago

I’m here today doing a story on Bank of America’s new program to demolish some of these homes and donate them back to the city. They expect to do a mere 150 over the next two years, which is really a drop in the bucket when you go on foreclosure websit…

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