Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Housing Demand Defies Fundamentals

Anyone with any cash in hand should be buying a house right now. That’s what any real estate agent will tell you, obviously, but that’s also what many investors now believe. Unfortunately, the potential home-buying public…isn’t buying it.

US Treasury Forcing Mortgage Principal Forgiveness

Late Friday the U.S. Treasury Department announced a major expansion of its Home Affordable Modification Program. Now taxpayers will pony up the cash, as Treasury is tripling the financial incentives to lenders and opening the program up to Fannie Mae,…

Robo-Reality: Final Foreclosures Fall as Pipeline Swells

The number of new foreclosures in 2011 dropped nearly 40 percent, according to year-end numbers just released by Lender Processing Services; there is, however, little cause for celebration.

New Financial Crimes Unit Could Throw Wrench in ‘Robo’ Settlement

President Obama announced he was ordering the U.S. Attorney General to create a “Financial Crimes Unit,” its number one task being to go after the banks for faulty mortgage originations and securitizations.

President Obama Proposes Mortgage Refinances for ‘Responsible Borrowers’

After several largely ineffective programs to help troubled borrowers and after fruitless attempts at budging the hard-line conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, President Obama is proposing a brand new refinance program for borrowers who are curr…

State of the Union Preview: Housing and Fairness Don’t Connect

If the theme of tonight’s State of the Union address is fairness, then President Obama would be wise to steer clear of housing; most of the proposals to fix the nation’s still struggling real estate market are intrinsically unfair to a large majori…

Foreclosure Investors are Double-Edged Sword

The best and most expeditious way to clear the vast inventory of foreclosed properties weighing down today’s housing market is to get more investors in and sell them these properties at bulk discounts.

‘Robo’ Foreclosure Settlement Turns Political

If there is a deal, beyond the politics, it could have a larger effect on the state of the housing market and its recovery.

As Home Buying Returns, Do Apartments Face a Bubble?

2012 will likely not see as robust rent growth as 2011; housing affordability continues to improve and renting is becoming ever more expensive than owning.

Bulk Foreclosure Sales Could Cause Bigger Bank Write-Downs

As government, federal regulators and big-money private investors try to figure out a plan for bulk sales of foreclosed properties, big banks are already making deals, but they are few and far between.

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