Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Investors Swarm Housing, Raising Concerns

The number of homes sold to investors more than doubled last year, as rising rents and low-priced distressed properties fueled demand.

Have Refis Run Out?

The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage is up about a half a percentage point since the middle of February, when they hit a record low. Mortgage refinances, however, dropped 24 percent in the same period of time. That’s a huge reaction to a smal…

Investing in America: Home Remodeling on a Roll

As the wider economy begins to strengthen, and Americans start to feel better about their current and future finances, they are dipping their toes back into the housing waters, in the form of remodeling.

Housing Hype: Recovery Turns to Relapse?

The housing market is ahead of where we were, but rising foreclosures will put added pressure on this market, and we may not be out of the woods yet.

Bank of America Getting Into the Landlord Business

Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest lender, is launching a pilot program this week that will offer a limited number of customers behind on their mortgages to transition from owner to renter.

Higher Mortgage Rates May Hamper Obama’s Housing Plan

The idea of the President’s plan was not only to help underwater borrowers stay afloat with payments but also to put more money in their pockets, which in turn could serve as a wider economic stimulus. That’s all well and good when interest rates are…

Rising Mortgage Rates May Not Hurt Housing

Rates have moved a good quarter of a percent in the past few weeks but most analysts don’t think they’ll go much higher.

Did Warm Winter Steal Spring Housing?

As if we really needed a reminder that today’s housing market is still very fragile, the first installment in a slew of housing data to be released this week came in below expectations.

Miami Condo Market: Bust to Boom?

Foreign buyers, largely from South America, but also from Europe, Russia and China, are flooding into the Miami area, and that has developers rushing to keep up with demand.

Buy Foreclosures With Your IRA

Large scale investors are rushing in with cash on hand and that gives them the upper hand in competition for distressed properties. So how does an individual investor without extra cash lying around, get in? Retirement funds.

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