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Jacksonville, Florida

Obama Gets Big ‘No’ On Slashing Mortgage Debt

Despite strong pressure from the Obama administration, a federal regulator will not allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reduce mortgage principal.

Why Rise in Home Prices May Not Mean Much—Yet

This is not the first time since the initial home price collapse in 2006 that we have seen prices rise, only to fall again.

Renter Nation Rages On

The supply of empty homes for rent is falling, and the nation’s homeownership rate is hovering near a fifteen year low. How can that be when the housing market is finally turning around and more homes are selling? The answer is simple: Investors.

Pending Home Sales Fall in June Due to ‘Fewer Listings’

Home buyers signed fewer contracts to buy existing homes in June, despite renewed optimism in the overall housing recovery.

New Crop of Foreclosures Is Coming

While fewer Americans are falling behind on their mortgage payments, the huge backlog of already delinquent mortgages is finally making its way through the banking system to foreclosure.

Home Sales Disappoint Twice

Sales of newly built homes fell hard in June, despite newfound optimism in the housing recovery, especially among the home builders themselves.

Home Price Bottom or Bubble?

Home prices rose according to the online real estate firm Zillow, a mere 0.2 percent in the second quarter of this year annually for the first time since 2007, prompting the site to call a “bottom” to home prices nationally.

Is the 30 Year Fixed Headed to 3 Percent?

Mortgage rates are a full percentage point below where they were one year ago, and that recently sparked yet another spike in mortgage refinance applications, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Now It’s the Big Banks That Are Getting Foreclosed On

Homeowner associations are going after several big banks, claiming they are not paying the monthly association or condo fees on homes they’ve repossessed.

Why Drop in Foreclosures Is Bad for Housing Market

In a normal housing market, lack of supply is generally considered a good thing. Home prices rise and homeowners gain equity. But like so many things in this recovery, that premise doesn’t exactly apply.

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