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Jacksonville, Florida

Bank’s Offer to Slash Mortgages Gets Surprise Response

As part of the $25 billion settlement over mortgage “robo-signings,” Bank of America offered an average $150,000 reduction in loan balances. More than half the 60,000 offers in the first mailing went unanswered.

Homebuilders Most Confident in More Than 5 Years

Homebuilders today are feeling more confident than they have in more than five years. Recent earnings reports from the big public builders have shown spikes in new orders for single family homes, and competition from foreclosures has eased.

Here’s One Way to Resolve Housing Mess, But Is It Legal?

Officials in San Bernardino County, California Friday looked into the possibility of using the powers of eminent domain to seize underwater mortgages and cut their principal balances.

What Recovery? Home Prices May Hit Roadblock Soon

The recent growth in U.S. home prices may hit a roadblock in the coming months, thanks to a new supply of distressed properties hitting the market.

Why Millions of Americans Still Can’t Refinance Their Mortgage

Mortgage rates hit new lows and applications to refinance fell for the third straight week. It defies logic, unless of course you operate in today’s tight mortgage market.

When Foreclosure Supplies Fall, the Bottom Falls Out of Housing

Even though housing prices rose across the country in the Spring, those gains are growing ever more precarious because they rely on a supply of low-priced, distressed properties, which is quickly shrinking.

As Foreclosures Ramp Up, New Roadblocks Ahead

Fraudulent foreclosure practices, a.k.a. “robo-signing,” uncovered now nearly two years ago, opened a new wound in the foreclosure crisis that was in the process of healing.

Why Investors Are Suddenly Bullish on Office Real Estate

It should come as no surprise that the commercial real estate sector most sensitive to unemployment is office; that’s where people work. Slow job growth has helped a little, but really only in the trophy, coastal markets, so it may come as a surprise…

Is the Apartment Rental Market Overheating?

Tight supply and heavy demand for apartments means rents are increasing across the country, and will likely increase more. But is this the right time to buy into this market?

Best Places to Build Your High-End Vacation Home

Hammers are coming down on the high end again, as the ritziest in real estate finally come out of hiding. Vacation homes in some of the most coveted locales are seeing price gains again, so potential buyers are now looking to builders. The question is,…

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