Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Foreclosures Fall Due to New Laws

A new law in California makes it much harder and potentially more costly for banks to foreclose.

Foreclosures Fall Due to New Laws

A new law in California makes it much harder and potentially more costly for banks to foreclose.

Mortgage Mess Still Mires US Housing Recovery

The president wants more Americans to be able to save money by refinancing their mortgages. The trouble is that mortgage rates are rising.

Why Women are Driving the Demand for Rental Apartments

As housing and the economy improve, a shift in demographics may boost the rental apartment market for the foreseeable future.

Fewer Borrowers Are Behind on Mortgages, but for How Long?

The number of homeowners behind on their mortgages is the lowest rate in four years.

Apartments: Wooing Dogs and Their Owners

Some apartment buildings are wooing pet owners with rooftop dog parks, "Yappy Hours" and even spas that offer "paw-dicures."

Americans Are Using Their Houses as ATMs Again

Nearly 11 million borrowers are underwater on their mortgages, and yet home equity lines of credit are suddenly on the rise again.

Why Home Builders Won’t Drop New Home Prices

The divide between new and existing home prices is wider than ever and as one analyst notes, "The only people who can buy are people who are very well off."

Housing Already Shows Signs of a New Bubble

Home prices are suddenly soaring again and consumer confidence in housing is returning, trends that are raising some serious red flags.

Can the Super Bowl Save the Planet?

One company found that energy usage in the U.S. drops by more than five percent during the Super Bowl and as much as 7.5 percent during the half-time show.

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