Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Home shopping? Have your financial ducks in a row

Heated competition for depleted inventory means shoppers must have all their financials lined up before they even hit an open house.

Easier to get a mortgage? For some …

Only borrowers with the most pristine credit and healthy down payments are able to get today’s lowest rates.

Easier to get a mortgage? For some …

Only borrowers with the most pristine credit and healthy down payments are able to get today’s lowest rates.

Stellar jobs report is downer for housing recovery

Despite stronger jobs numbers, housing needs more construction, more jobs for younger Americans and more credit.

Will Bill de Blasio kill New York real estate?

New York’s incoming mayor has pledged to raise taxes on the rich, who some worry will flee the city.

And America’s top housing market is…

The area ranked the priciest in a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey has a $2 million divide between it and the least costly market.

The plunging housing stat you need to watch

The percentage of younger adults living with their parents has risen as millennials continue to experience weak job growth.

Credit cuts out would-be homebuyers

First-time buyers, who usually represent 40 percent of the market, have been falling steadily out of the market.

Trick or treat: The million-dollar home challenge

The houses aren’t haunted, but locations and market realities may send a chill through buyers and sellers alike.

Housing’s top ‘turnaround’ markets may surprise you

Detroit, Santa Barbara and Reno are leading the housing recovery, and baseball’s new champ, Boston, isn’t too bad, either.

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