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Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday Open House: Monday Morning Quarterback

I haven’t done the open house story in a while, but I couldn’t help but notice the slew of ads in yesterday’s paper touting “New Listing!” and “New Price!” August is pretty much the dead season in real estate and the weekend after Labor Day traditional…

Home Ownership: Do You Really Need Skin in the Game?

The government is trying to stem the tide of mortgage walkaways by creating programs that force lenders to give borrowers back home equity — and despite the small credit hit to the borrower, that’s free equity.

FHA Commissioner: GSE’s Considering Principal Forgiveness in Short Refi’s

Let the principal reduction begin.  The new FHA “Short Refi” program, announced earlier this year, went into operation yesterday. It allows borrowers who are current on their mortgages now to refinance into FHA-backed loans, if and only if their lende…

Federal Housing Stimulus: How Much More?

New reports are rolling around Wall Street and Washington today that the Obama Administration is considering yet another economic stimulus package; this round would be for small businesses. This comes just one week after increased chatter about more go…

Taxpayers Footing Bill for Tiger’s New Mansion?

I don’t have it on my authority, but it is being reported widely and wildly that newly divorced Tiger Woods took out a $54.5 million mortgage on his Jupiter Island, Florida estate where he is currently building a mansion.

The Home Traffic Report: This One’s Ours

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that one of my biggest frustrations in covering the housing market is the never-ending, always constant stream of reports. They are often conflicting, usually based on different time frames and almost…

Home Prices Have Further to Fall

How is it that last week we were driving nails into the housing market’s coffin, with negative report after negative report, and then suddenly today the stock market took a bounce on one new price report, and I’m hearing the word “bottom” over and over?

Another Home Buyer Tax Credit?

From HUD to the hedge funds, it sounds as if a tax credit to spur home buying is gaining steam yet again.

First Look: Brand New Foreclosure Numbers Reverse MBA Survey’s Bright Spots

As long as we think housing is still in deep trouble, nobody’s going to make a move.

Time for Homebuilder M&A?

Economic conditions are very tough for homebuilders. Is a wave of mergers coming to this sector?

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