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Furnished Rental Benefits

Posted on | November 22, 2010 | No Comments

Furnished Rentals and Temporary Corporate Housing

Over the past two years there has been a large increase of temporary relocation of employees due to corporate downsizing as well as the sweeping corporate plan to “cross train” all employees. To be away on an unfamiliar place on a business trip is not so easy as it seems to be. As you overcome all the professional challenges like relocating rooms every week and traveling “light”, you also have an emotional challenge to overcome while deciding to stay away from home for a longer period. Thus, you need a furnished temporary accommodation which is as comfortable as possible. Staying in a hotel for more than few days can be very expensive for corporations. Most business executives and project consultants, during their visits to different cities or even different countries, prefer to stay in a more semi-permanent place as it is economical as well as beneficial from accommodation point of view. The main problematic aspect in traveling is the accommodation. If the accommodation is good, you will feel comfortable and happy and will be able to achieve your professional goals easily. Short term furnished corporate housing consists of furnished apartments, condos, and homes that provide shelter and amenities for business executives and people who want to stay on a temporary basis. So, whenever you are going for any business trip or for mini vacation then a short term furnished rental is the best option for enjoying the trip.

White Collar Rentals

White Collar Rentals

Furnished rentals come in all shapes and sizes from single rooms in a quaint bed and breakfast to taking on a furnished sublet that can be a whole house, apartment, or condo. While shopping for a furnished rental you need to check each offerings benefits. These benefits certainly include location to your work site, shopping, transportation, entertainment, and available dinning as well as other available amenities that will make your stay comfortable and convenient such as laundry facilities, exercise and sports, hiking trails, and even social gathering spots. You should shop for all the facilities which you can get in your own home. Many times it happens that corporate have to shift their employees to different city or country for long term projects. In that case, a hotel cannot give all the amenities which other furnished rentals can provide. When the executives are relocated to other place it may be for weeks also and months also. So, staying for such a long period in a hotel can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Now, there are variety of furnished apartments available designed especially for corporate stay. The employees can stay in these furnished apartments having all amenities in the kitchen where they can cook homemade dishes which is not available in a hotel. There is personal washer and dryer in many furnished apartments where you can wash your clothes and don’t have to spend money separately for the laundry. In a furnished apartment for rent you can have a separate living room, bedroom, kitchen, office space etc. so that the traveler can have a comfortable staying experience and doesn’t feel homesick. In a corporate apartment it is a “home away from home” atmosphere. If you stay in a hotel, you are never going to forget that you are not in your home but in a furnished apartment, you feel like you are in your home as it is a spacious accommodation and your can bring your family and your pets also on your business trip.

There has been a large increase of temporary relocation of employees in USA. If you stay in Florida and your company has relocated you to New York, then you will be in need of for your extended stay. White Collar Rentals, a furnished rental provider, has luxurious apartments on a short term rental basis as per your budget and requirements. They offer luxurious studios, two bedroom luxurious apartments, three bedroom homes and apartments which are situated in the best locations of town.

Furnished Rental Lease Agreements must be detailed and fully negotiated in advance of your stay. The lease agreement must contain details regarding the amount of rent, time period of lease, amenities, and other details related to the usage of an apartment. If you fail to understand the agreement properly, then it may lead you into some trouble in the near future. Having this all defined will eliminate most misunderstandings as well as clarify expectations. Below are some of the considerations which should be made clear while signing the lease agreement for the apartment:

1. The amount of rent
2. The date of payment of rent
3. The start-date and end-date of the lease
4. Late payment penalties to be implemented on the tenant
5. The process of terminating the apartment lease agreement in advance, if needed
6. Responsibility of paying the bills, association dues, and maintenance expenses
7. Amenities included in the rent (ie: internet, pay TV channels, dry cleaning services)
8. Amenity fees or charges that may be reduced as a result of negotiated pricing (ie: health club membership)
9. Parking spaces – designated and non-designated (for guests)
10. Security arrangements (gated access, rental unit access, car access, mail)
11. Day to day amenities such as linens, bedding, cooking utensils, etc.

If the above factors are properly outlined, understood, and checked in advance, the tenants will never have problem during their stay in the furnished rental apartment. Thorough investigation and proper planning will never lead you into trouble or unexpected and awkward situations for your family. Such lease agreements are beneficial for both the tenant and the landlord and must be given full importance while renting a furnished apartment or corporate accommodation.

Next, check out other options that you as a traveler should be expecting while “on the road”. I have spent many, many years living in hotels, motels, sublets, and corporate rentals. Read what life on the road should be at White Collar Rentals.


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