Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Housing Already Shows Signs of a New Bubble

Home prices are suddenly soaring again and consumer confidence in housing is returning, trends that are raising some serious red flags.

Home Builders See Signs of Hope

Despite rising foreclosures and weak consumer confidence, the nation’s home builders are seeing signs of hope in housing. Home builder confidence rose for the second straight month in November, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ mo…

Spec Building is Back, With a Catch

With consumer confidence weak and getting weaker, and demand for housing showing no signs of resuscitation, home builders today are not only changing their building models, they’re changing their business models; that includes returning to a practice t…

Another Federal Housing Bailout Won’t Happen

With home prices still falling, new mortgage delinquencies rising again, millions of mortgages already in the foreclosure pipeline, and consumer confidence in the housing market near nil, President Obama is expected to include some new housing fix in h…

Struggling to Make a House Call on Confidence

Today’s report on consumer confidence, or the striking lack of it, is yet another sign that housing is going to be in a very sticky state for a while. It’s hard to say whether housing is weighing on confidence or lack of confidence is weighing on housi…

Will Home Price Warranty Restore Confidence?

There’s no question that consumer confidence, or lack thereof, is the greatest barrier in the way of a full-blown housing recovery. Credit, while tough to get, is historically cheap, home prices have fallen so far as to open the market to many more buy…

New Doubts Over Housing Data

Why do all these numbers matter in the real world of Sunday open houses and local market closings? Because sales and inventories drive prices and they drive expectations…the latter, perhaps, more important in the current market where consumer confide…

Negative Equity and Rising Rates: Toxic Cocktail for Housing

First came the surge in negative home equity, now a surge in mortgage interest rates. Add it up, and it throws a big pail of underwater on the hope for a big spring housing surge. At face value on their own, the two reports out today shouldn’t cause to…

We Have Hit Construction Spending Bottom

In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Toll Brother’s Builders’ CEO Douglas Yearley points out that here in America, we have hit the bottom of the “construction spending bottom” and that now we need only to repair consumer confidence to see a rise in home purchases in 2011. ┬áThis is great news as housing […]


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