Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Housing Investors Cool on Buy-to-Rent Model

Investors have been buying distressed properties and pushing prices up, but now some say they've priced themselves out.

Why Private Investors Are Staying Away From Mortgages

Investors in housing are buying up as many distressed properties as they can find, but investors in the mortgage market are still sidelined, burned by the subprime bust that left many of them with huge losses.

What Recovery? Home Prices May Hit Roadblock Soon

The recent growth in U.S. home prices may hit a roadblock in the coming months, thanks to a new supply of distressed properties hitting the market.

When Foreclosure Supplies Fall, the Bottom Falls Out of Housing

Even though housing prices rose across the country in the Spring, those gains are growing ever more precarious because they rely on a supply of low-priced, distressed properties, which is quickly shrinking.

Investor Caution: Beware of Heat in Distressed Housing

As real estate investors rush to buy distressed properties and reap the rewards of a still-heating rental market, two distinct phenomena are suggesting caution, perhaps extreme caution.

Investors Swarm Housing, Raising Concerns

The number of homes sold to investors more than doubled last year, as rising rents and low-priced distressed properties fueled demand.

Buy Foreclosures With Your IRA

Large scale investors are rushing in with cash on hand and that gives them the upper hand in competition for distressed properties. So how does an individual investor without extra cash lying around, get in? Retirement funds.

Home Prices Under More Pressure

Home prices are highly seasonal, due to the different mix of homes that sell at different times of the year, but the latest reading for September shows home prices are under added pressure now; this is not just due to the high concentration of distress…

If You Build It, When Will the Home Buyers Come?

Sales of newly built homes fell around 2 percent in May from the previous month, but that was a little better than expectations, given the lousy home builder sentiment number we got this month and the huge supply of competing existing and distressed pr…

Distressed Property Sales Drop, Despite Push to Sell

The share of distressed sales in May, that is foreclosed properties and short sales (when the property is sold for less than the value of the loan), fell to 31 percent of all sales from 37 percent in April. Investors, who purchase a large share of thes…

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