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Housing’s Double Dip Part II: Rising Foreclosures

Just as we saw a double dip in home prices, we may be seeing another surge in foreclosures.

Spring Housing Season

With the Spring housing season coming to a end, the vaunted S&P Case Shiller Indexes called a “double dip” and the New York Times reported persistent weakness in the real-estate market. Suddenly, housing watchers are nervous again.

National Home Prices Double Dip

Home prices have double dipped nationwide, now lower than their March 2009 trough, according to a new report from Clear Capital.

Housing and Government: ‘Troubling Dip’ or Double Dip?

Today the Obama administration released its monthly “scorecard” for the Making Home Affordable Program, a.k.a. the federal mortgage bailout. The Home Affordable Modification Program, which is part of MHA, continues to add trial modifications at about 2…

Why Housing Is Going Through a Double Dip

The sales pace of newly built homes is now at the lowest on record. Sales dropped nearly 17 percent in February after a big drop in January. Put that on top of the nearly 10 percent February drop in existing home sales reported earlier this week and th…

Home Price Disconnect: Am I a Buyer or Seller?

Fact: Home prices lag home sales. It happens on the way up and on the way down. Today’s S&P Case Shiller home price report just confirmed what we’ve seen from umpteen other reports in the past few months, that home prices are taking a double dip. We kn…

Home Price Double Dip Begins

Given the combination of the expiration of the home buyer tax credit and the increasing number of loans moving to final foreclosure, we knew that home prices overall would take a hit, but it would take a while. Well we’re here.

Housing Double Dip is Not Just Tax Credit Hangover

There’s no question that the home buyer tax credit, which expired at the end of April, pulled home buying demand forward and thus created an inevitable drop-off afterward. It would be wrong, however, to blame the current lull in home buying/selling ent…

Housing Double Dip a Done Deal

Everybody take a nice long look at today’s Pending Home Sales Index from the National Association of Realtors, because it’s just about the last positive picture we’re going to see for a while.


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