Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

Can the mortgage market crash again?

Some lenders say the nation would never see another crisis like the one the U.S. economy just survived.

Why Women are Driving the Demand for Rental Apartments

As housing and the economy improve, a shift in demographics may boost the rental apartment market for the foreseeable future.

Investing in America: Home Remodeling on a Roll

As the wider economy begins to strengthen, and Americans start to feel better about their current and future finances, they are dipping their toes back into the housing waters, in the form of remodeling.

Increase Traffic on Housing Websites, Does it Mean New Hope for Housing?

Is the U.S. economy in a full-tilt housing recovery? Diana on the record with Lindsey Piegza, FTN Financial, and CNBC’s Rick Santelli.

Republican Candidates Give Housing a Short Sale

Shame on the Republican candidates for president. Shame on them for showing up at debate specifically targeting the U.S. economy with not one credible, rational, even reputable notion of what to do about the nation’s housing mess.

Another Federal Housing Bailout Won’t Happen

With home prices still falling, new mortgage delinquencies rising again, millions of mortgages already in the foreclosure pipeline, and consumer confidence in the housing market near nil, President Obama is expected to include some new housing fix in h…

Refi Surge…Not So Much

As mortgage rates hit new record lows, refinance applications have surged accordingly. That, as always, is leading economists to talk once again about what the effect of all that refinancing might be on the greater economy.

Foreigners Make Run on US Housing Market

Falling home prices may be plaguing the US economy, but they are candy to foreign investors, who already have a weak dollar on their side. Buyers from overseas spent roughly $41 billion on US residential real estate last year, a bump up from the previo…

Lack of Mobility Hurts Job Recovery

The hallmark of the American labor market, and consequently the wider economy, has long been the mobility of our work force. From “going West” to “teleworking,” we go where the jobs are. Unfortunately the uniquely disastrous state of the current housin…

‘Renter Nation’ for Low Income Americans

After decades and decades of the ownership society, and all the trouble it exacted on our economy, the Obama administration is and has been pushing the premise that, “Our goal is not for every American to become a homeowner.”

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