Jacksonville Real Estate Market

Jacksonville, Florida

FHA Turns to Investors as Losses Continue to Rise

Faced with a rising number of severely delinquent loans, the FHA is taking a very small program to sell these loans to investors and ramping it way up.

Under Pressure, FHA Skews to Wealthier Home Buyers

The Federal Housing Administration is often credited with saving the home finance market during the worst of the latest housing crash, but that was not without a very high price.

Lower Mortgage Limits Are a ‘Trade-Off’ Bernanke Says

Anyone worried that the expiration of higher loan limits at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA will have a negative effect on the housing market by raising the cost of home ownership,  can be rest assured the chairman of the Federal Reserve is fine w…

Lower Loan Limits: Let the Games Begin

Today the National Association of Home Builders released a study claiming that lowering the loan limits at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), “will reduce housing demand and place downward pressure on home prices in m…

Obama Administration Defends Housing Bailout

The Obama Administration is vigorously defending its mortgage bailout programs, from the Home Affordable Modification Program to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to the FHA Short Refi.

FHA Auditors Predict Further Home Price Declines

The bad loans of the housing boom are still bad, but the new loans from today’s tighter mortgage market are so much better that they’re offsetting the trouble. That’s the message from the Federal Housing Administration in its annual report to Congress.

Home Buyer Tax Credit Snafu: No USDA Loans

In 2006, the USDA program backed about 31,000 loans or $3 billion worth. In 2009, that had grown to 133,000 loans worth $16.2 billion. The good news is the standards are tight and the default rates far better than the FHA. The bad news is the program wasn’t meant to handle that many loans, and it ran out of money.


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