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Tips For Successful House Staging

Posted on | May 24, 2010 | No Comments

If you are going to “stage” your home when preparing to show your home to prospective buyers, remember this key suggestion: “the goal is to market the feeling of “the good life” and what is possible in your home”. Your staging efforts need to diminish the unattractive points and enhance the perks while never creating a phony or tacky vision.

In other words a home should never look like it’s been staged. A properly staged home:

  • pleases the visionary senses
  • provides a basis for prospective dreams and goals
  • leaves little room for a “punch list” creation

Start by eliminating as much clutter, personal family references, references to favorite sports teams, and any museum like decorations. Your house is being marketed as a home not museum. Be creative but tasteful when adding the decorative highlights.

In order to further define taste, here are a few “decorator enhancements” to avoid:

  1. A single piece of artwork on a wall with nothing else in the room. The eye will only see the art and not the room.
  2. Garden sprigs, cuttings from bushes and branches brought inside. They dry out, shed and will require maintenance.
  3. Cheap plastic flowers and particularly bright colored, plastic flowers.
  4. Slip covers put over worn out furniture.
  5. Mis-matched furniture which tends to look like a lawn sale in progress
  6. A breakfast tray on the Master Bed with tumbled wine glasses.
  7. Partially furnished bedrooms. For example the dressers without a bed/bed frame
  8. A bedroom that has a bed that is too large for the room

Your staging efforts are meant to enhance the beauty of your home and enhance the worth of the house. A poor or sloppy effort will provide negative remembrances for your prospective buyers which they will gravitate to instead of recalling the positive features of your home. Having to defend or overcome negative reactions is far from your staging intentions.

If the accessories and furniture looks like you got it out of grandma’s attic or down the street at a yard sale, the buyer could expect a yard sale price tag on the house. It is better to leave a house empty then to use bad décor! Staging should enhance the architecture of the home, not show off poor decorating ideas. Bad staging draws attention to itself – and distracts your buyer from your listing!


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